Paper Daily

  • Where Classification Fails, Interpretation Rises
    • apply an attention mechanism to the adversarial examples detection
    • uisng attention to defend against adversarial examples
    • (this paper is hard to read)
  • Deep Image Prior
    • randomly-initialized neural network can be used as a handcrafted prior with excellent results
    • search in parameter space
    • apply untrianed CNN, fit a G network to a single degraded image.
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning framework for Autonoumous Driving
    • Deep Deterministic Actor Critic (DDAC)
      • actor: provides the policy mapping from a state to action
      • critic: evaluates the value of the action taken (same as Q-function)

Review of clustering algorithms

  • Clustering
    • k-means
    • k-medoids
    • Gaussian Mixture Model
    • Spectral Clustering
    • Hierachical Clustering
  • Other relevant algorithms
    • Expecatation Maximization
    • Dimendsionality Reduction
      • Laplacian Eigenmap
      • Locally Linear Embedding

Computer orgnisation

  • Direct mapping
    • process is divided into pages
    • main memory is divided into frames/blocks
    • cache is divided into lines


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